• Poised Taupe Is SW Color of the Year for 2017 – These Are Jill’s Colors of the Year

    Poised Taupe. Photo via Sherwin Williams.

    Poised Taupe. Photo via Sherwin Williams.

    Sherwin-Williams describes Poised Taupe, their 2017 Color of the Year, “like gray and brown had a baby.”

    Though some might argue taupe is a pretty neutral hue to carry the crown of “color of the year,” remember that last year’s reigning color was alabaster white.

    According to House Beautiful, Sherwin-Williams reps say the hue is a modern take on a timeliness classic and explained their choice in a statement:

    “It signals a new direction in society’s ever-growing thirst for beautiful neutrals that bring warm and cool tones together to create one irresistibly versatile color.”

    Now, I like Poised Taupe, but I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to stock my garage with cans of the color.

    Instead, these are my five favorite Sherwin-Williams colors. I’ve used them all in various projects, and still love them!

    wall street paint color

    SW7665 – Wall Street

    This is a gorgeous color!  I adore this warm, rich gray blue. I used this color in a living room and dining room remodel in a home in St. Charles. It made a night and day difference in the design. This color makes everything pop!


    relaxed khakiSW6149 – Relaxed Khaki

    This is my go-to color. This can be the perfect color for just about any room. Subtle and classy, without being boring.


    dovetailSW7018 – Dovetail Gray

    I used this in my son’s room. It is a perfect gray – not too blue, not too green, just the ideal gray for a little boy’s room.


    coral bells

    SW6593 – Coral Bells

    I used this in my dining room. It is not a color for the faint of heart. If you like to be daring and bold in your design, then this is a color to try!


    peacock plume

    SW0020 – Peacock Plume

    The name is a perfect fit.  I used this beautiful rich color in my best friend’s master bedroom and bathroom and had gorgeous results.



    Read more about the color of the year in this release from Sherwin-Williams.

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