Jill Geoppo

Jill Bolzenius Geoppo

Jill Bolzenius Geoppo

Jill Bolzenius Geoppo has more than a decade of experience in professional interior design. Even as a girl, she spent her days decorating and re-decorating her Barbie doll house. Her mother had a love for decorating, and often included Jill in remodeling projects in their home in the small town of Beaufort, Mo.

Jill attended the University of Missouri-Columbia where she earned a bachelor’s degree in human environmental design in 2004. She’s been working as a professional interior designer ever since, and puts all her passion into her work. Her favorite part of the design process is when the whole project comes together.

“That moment when I am pulling together the fabrics, furniture, finishes, rugs, and lighting, and I step back and look at it all put together and I think to myself – ‘wow this looks really good, I can’t wait to show my client this,'” Jill says. “I really do get excited. It is like I stress myself out and worry and then after looking and searching for the perfect pieces it all comes together.”

Jill and her husband live in Belleville with their son. She can’t wait to meet you!

Jill’s Design Philosophy

In Interior Design there is no right or wrong – there is no “design” manual I refer to on a daily basis. If there was it would be called Pinterest!  I think most of us get so wrapped up in images we see in design magazines or on popular HGTV shows that we forget our homes need to be just that – ours. A home should reflect the owner’s personal style while still functioning in a way that makes our lives easier.  My main goal when I am finished with a project is for the client to stand back and feel satisfied that their wants and needs were met.

In today’s world, Interior Design has changed in many ways.  People have the internet, HGTV, Pinterest, Houzz, and much, much more at their fingertips.  While all these things are helpful for do-it-yourself projects, an Interior Desinger can offer you more than just ideas. I can take all of those concepts you love and turn them into reality.

As a Designer, I will actually save you time and money during your project.  You will not have to paint a room several times, wasting time, money and patience because it is not the color you were looking for.  You will not have to visit every furniture store in the area to find that perfect chair.

It’s my job to pore through samples to find the perfect piece or wallpaper. I scour the stores and websites to find accessories that complement the design. I see the project through to completion, ensuring that every detail is exactly as it should be. I can streamline the entire process and make it much more enjoyable for you. I handle the “work” and leave you to enjoy the finished space.

Let me help you make your vision a reality!